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With Beauty of Natural Stone

Afyon Marble offers a lasting beauty to your places by shaping the elegance of natural stone with fine workmanship. For millions of years, our earth’s natural harmony and pressure and limestone, which forms a compound with some kind of grain, form the marble ore, then we are chosen by our valuable ore experts from the place where the marble is born, cut with labor, and finally released to the market with the name Afyon Marble. It is our job to understand the value of the ore in the kitchen of marble and to make it part of the space that will complete itself. When we look at the marble quarries, we do not see only colored stones, Afyon Marble aims to prove what can be done on behalf of sabat with a few touches to the ore that nature offers to us.



Did you know that marble has many effects on protecting human health? Marble digestive system; Who knows? Hundreds, perhaps thousands of varieties of marble which discomfort which kind of good. Let your soul rest with the magic of natural stone while your spaces get a modern and lasting beauty.

From The Past to Future

Lydians, Phrygians, Hittites and Romans in the province of Afyonkarahisar, which is home to tens of thousands of marble historical work, the message given to the future from history. “We were born with marble, we built houses, we made art, we ate food from marble pots, we lived with marble and then we were buried in marble rooms.” Our ancestors say that, we think there is much they know about marble and we are still trying to learn in our age. We, as AfyonMermer, are going to let our ancestors from the past to the future. Like them, we take care to use natural stone in every area of ​​our lives.

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With AfyonMarble


Marble Washbasins

We produce marble sinks in desired size and number.


Marble Tiles


Marble Floor Tiles


Marble Countertops

We make marble kitchen counter design in every size and shape.


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